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About the Teacher Ambassador ProgramTM

AgScape's Teacher Ambassadors are Ontario Certified Teachers with a passion for sharing topics in agriculture, food, health and the environment with you and your students.

Teacher Ambassador Lessons:

  • Are for Grades 7-12
  • Are interactive and engaging
  • Align with the Ontario curriculum 
  • Encourage students to think critically about agri-food related issues
  • Expose students to the vast career opportunities in the sector

What types of lessons are offered?

There are 12 topics for grade 7-12 teachers to choose from, including our featured careers lesson.  Teacher Ambassadors are Ontario Certified Teachers and will work with you to adapt and deliver lessons that are differentiated for your classroom needs.

Click here to read a brief summary of what students will learn with each topic.

How do I book a FREE lesson delivered by an AgScape Teacher Ambassador?

Our Teacher Ambassador ProgramTM is available free of charge.  Lessons are delivered depending on your classroom schedule and the availability of Teacher Ambassadors in your area.  If the number of classes you are requesting exceeds five (more than one day) then please complete another form for a second day of lessons.  Please note that we do not combine classes but will be happy to send a Teacher Ambassador in for another day of lessons or to teach a second topic.  We encourage teachers to talk to colleagues and book more than one lesson in a day.  For any questions, contact our Program and Resource Manager, at 905-878-1510 ext. 26 or

Please allow a minimum of two weeks between your request submission and your first preferred date.  Lessons will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis and are subject to Teacher Ambassador availability.  Once we receive your request form, we'll contact you to arrange the details of the lesson.  Please complete the form below to request a FREE lesson delivered by an AgScape Teacher Ambassador.

Teacher Ambassador ProgramTM Report Cards:

Get the stats and see what what a difference a Teacher Ambassador lesson can make!

Teacher Ambassador Program Report Card ( Semester 2) 2016-2017

Teacher Ambassador Program Report Card ( Semester 1) 2016-2017

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