Fill Their Shoes Campaign

Help Fill the Shoes of Tomorrow's Agriculture Leaders!

Even though today’s agriculture and food industry is modern, fast paced and exciting, Ontario students are not choosing it as a career path. 

But you can help to change this! Donate to support AgScape's agriculture and food education programs and resources that will help teach today’s youth to be curious, conscious and think critically about their food choices.

Together, we can help inspire students to fill the shoes of producers and innovators in our sector. 

Here's what your donation can do:

  • $1,000 will inspire students through a hands-on activity station at a high school Career Competition.
  • $250 will provide a day of objective Teacher Ambassador lessons to high school. students on topics such as Local Food, Biotechnology and Careers in Agriculture.
  • $100 will enable one teacher to enroll in the Business of Food eLearning platform.
  • $25 will provide an elementary teacher resource package to be used in the classroom.

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