AgScape GoFundMe Food Literacy Campaign

Where: Ontario

Imagine the equivalent of a school bus filled with Ontario Certified Teachers equipped with accurate knowledge to teach students about food and agriculture topics such as biotechnology and food security. This is a vision that AgScape hopes to make a reality.

Our charity organization has launched a GoFundMe Food Literacy Campaign in order to raise the funds required to train new teacher graduates, as part of our Teacher Ambassador Program, to deliver free food and agriculture lessons in schools across Ontario. The training would be delivered by AgScape using a unique, proprietary e-learning tool called the Business of Food.

AgScape is hoping the GoFundMe campaign will inform a broader audience about our mandate and will help to raise $20,000 that will directly enable our charity to deliver more lessons, agriculture career events and resources free of charge to schools.

AgScape’s Food Literacy Campaign will be active until December 31, 2018.

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