Canadian Ag Literacy Month 2017

To help you and your students celebrate Canadian Agriculture  Literacy Month (CALM) in 2017, AgScape offers resources and programs for both elementary and secondary classrooms.  To find out more about CALM, click here.

Teacher Packages & Resources: 

Elementary and Secondary teachers can order special resource packages developed specifically for 2017 CALM - complete with curriculum-linked lesson plans and materials appropriate for your grade. 

Elementary Lesson Kit (CALM 2017): 

Consists of 13+ lesson plans for grades 1-8.  These lessons will help students understand where their food comes from, how food is labeled, what it means to eat local and more!  Click here and register your email to download your FREE resource package or e-mail us at to order a copy on USB.

Secondary Resources (CALM 2017):

Help students gain critical literacy by examining many perspectives on   issues such as food security, biotechnology, local eating, the environment and more!  Explore lesson plans focusing on plant, animal, and food science or our Critical Literacy in Agriculture resource. This resource is a collection of links and guiding questions that will help you bring agriculture literacy into the classroom.  Click here and register your email to download your FREE resource package or e-mail us at to order a copy on USB.

Teacher Ambassador Program TM

Invite an AgScape Teacher Ambassador into your class to deliver a balanced lesson about agri-food topics.  Click here to request a Teacher Ambassador.

Twitter Live Contest - #CALM17 #MyFoodStory

Film a Twitter Live video.  Share your food story.  Win a prize.  BE A STAR!  Contest runs from February 16th - (Canadian Ag Day) to March 31, 2017.  Learn more...

Live Stream Event: "Trashing Food Waste with Technology"

Tuesday March 7, 2017 at 12:00 P.M. EST.  Presented by Jessica Brady, MarCom Specialist with Okanagan Specialty Fruits. 

Agriculture in the Classroom - Canada is pleased to present this live webinar as a part of Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM).  Open to high school classes (Grade 9-12) across Canada, we encourage teachers to sign up for a unique, interactive opportunity.   This presentation will look at food waste throughout the supply chain, and the technology that is helping reduce the food waste trend, including the Canadian innovation, Arctic® apples.  The presentation includes Pre and Post Activities, which teachers can complete with their classes. Classes and Individuals who tune in will also be able to ask questions virtually!

Please register for the webinar here:

Pre-Webinar Lesson Plan & Activity

Post-Webinar Lesson Plan & Activity

For more on Arctic® apples, visit: