The Business of Food

The Business of Food is a comprehensive online platform developed by AgScape,  that allows educators to enhance their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and food at their own pace, from any location. Its online modules provide an ability to offer seamless, 24/7 access to professional development with information that can be dynamically updated so learning is always current and responsive. The Business of Food also offers the opportunity to ‘live track’ progress and immediately measure impact with each module containing pre and post surveys and quizzes. The training will equip educators to deliver factual, relevant and balanced information from across the agri-food sector into Ontario classrooms.

What agriculture and food topics are covered?

  • Local Food
  • Food Security
  • Food Safety
  • Business & Economics of Food
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Climate Change
  • Agriculture in Canada
  • Conventional & Organic Farming
  • Animal Health & Welfare
  • Biotechnology
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Careers in Agriculture

What information is in a module?

Each topic area has two modules (or levels).  The Essentials module introduces the topic; the Comprehensive module delivers deeper background and a broader perspective. Each module contains the following information:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Definitions
  • Pre and Post Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Videos, websites and articles
  • Infographics
  • Interactive Activities
  • Discussion Boards

What courses currently offered?

The Business of Food is currently offered in two online courses BOF 101 and BOF 102.

BOF 101 contains the Essentials and Comprehensive modules of the following topics: Local Food, Food Security, Food Safety, Business & Economics of Food, Climate Change, and Environmental Initiatives.

BOF 102 contains the Essentials and Comprehensive modules of the following topics:  Agriculture in Canada,  Conventional & Organic  Farming, Animal Health & Welfare, Biotechnology, Technology & Innovation, and Careers in Agriculture.

Each module will take approximately 1 hour to complete.  Each course contains 12 modules and will take approximately 12 hours to complete. Participants will also learn about the FREE programs and curriculum-linked resources AgScape has to offer which extend learning and teaching of these topics.


Individuals who are eligible to receive a scholarship for the Business of Food e-learning course are:

  • Teachers who are currently certified to teach in Ontario (OCT) and are working in a public or private Ontario elementary or secondary school.

  • Teacher Candidates who are currently enrolled in an Ontario Faculty of Education and intend to become a classroom teacher in Ontario.

Available sessions for 2019-2020

Session Session Dates Length Registraton Deadline Courses Offered
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2019 Summer July 9 - August 18 6 weeks July 2 BOF 101 (Full)
2019 Fall October 8 - November 24 7 weeks September 30 BOF 101 (Full)
2020 Winter February 11 - March 29 7 weeks February 3 BOF 101 (Full)
2020 Spring May 5 - June 14 6 weeks April 27 BOF 101
2020 Summer July 7 - August 16 6 weeks June 29