AgScape Unveils New Logo Tagline

AgScape’s new strategic plan “Building Connections & Focusing on Value” includes a key strategic focus on partnership in agriculture and education. We’re working to connect with more Ontario students by showing the value that our organization offers to both the agriculture and education sectors.

To this end, AgScape recently completed a brand review to provide clarity and accuracy around its purpose and mission. This involved interviews with agri-food and education stakeholders. The feedback resulted in the development of a brand story and key messages to more clearly convey AgScape’s value to our varied audiences, as well as a new tagline, ‘Leading Agriculture & Food Education in Ontario’.

“We’re striving to cultivate a culture of partnership with the agri-food and education sectors to enhance our programs and increase our capacity to connect with more students. The new tagline conveys our commitment to leading the way for agriculture and food education in Ontario classrooms through innovative, engaging and interactive programs that will motivate and inspire today’s learners,” said Glenna Banda, Executive Director, AgScape.

AgScape’s new logo tagline will be fully rolled out at the end of 2019.