AgScape Offering Scholarships to Educators for Business of Food E-Learning Platform

Ontario Certified Teachers and pre-service teacher candidates can apply for scholarships to complete AgScapeā€™s innovative online training designed to enhance their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and food production.

AgScape, the voice of agriculture in the classroom Ontario, announced today that it has 50 scholarships available for Ontario Certified Teachers working in a public or private elementary or secondary Ontario school, and teacher candidates currently enrolled in an Ontario Faculty of Education program to access its Business of Food (BOF) e-Learning Platform.

Thanks to a generous donation to the charity organization, Ontario educators can register now until July 2, 2019, to be enrolled in the summer term of the BOF e-Learning Platform. The course will run from July 9th through to August 18th and will allow learners to enhance their knowledge and understanding of agriculture and food at their own pace, from any location.

The online platform offers 25 learning modules on 12 agri-food topics such as conventional and organic agriculture, food security and environmental initiatives. An “essentials” and “comprehensive” level is provided for each topic, along with one module on careers in the agri-food sector. The course will enable learners to ‘live track’ progress and immediately measure impact, as each module contains pre and post surveys and quizzes.

The scholarship enrollment sessions will be offered in two courses: BOF 101 and BOF 102, both of which will include 12 modules on six agri-food topics. Each course will take approximately six to seven weeks to complete.

“We are proud to make the Business of Food e-Learning Platform available to classroom teachers and future educators in Ontario,” said Glenna Banda, Executive Director of AgScape.

“Agricultural education has been absent from the Ontario school curriculum for many years. We hope that today’s classroom teachers will take this opportunity to broaden their understanding of agriculture and food systems, and in turn, find ways to impart this knowledge to their students,” said Banda.

The BOF e-Learning Platform was uniquely developed by AgScape to support its Teacher Ambassador Program and is used to train new, under-employed, and retired Ontario Certified Teachers to become teacher ambassadors.

A cornerstone of AgScape’s agricultural education, the Teacher Ambassador Program deploys teachers into Grade 7 to 12 classrooms across Ontario to deliver free agriculture and food lessons.

 “We have had great success using Business of Food to train our teacher ambassadors to become more competent and confident about providing students with science-based information on the agri-food sector. We think there is great potential for the e-learning platform to be a broad-based training tool to accommodate the education sector, as well as to be made available to faculties of education for new teacher certification,” said Banda.

The BOF scholarships are made possible through generous funding from Bayer Canada.

“Bayer is passionate about agriculture and how it helps provide humanity with safe, abundant, quality food,” says Al Driver, Country Division Head, Bayer Crop Science.

“This e-learning tool will equip teachers to incorporate agriculture into school curriculum, potentially inspiring a passion for agriculture while showcasing the value modern and sustainable agriculture brings to all Canadians.”

In the future, AgScape looks forward to working with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) and Bayer Canada to build a national model that will make the Business of Food e-Learning Platform accessible to educators across the country.

To learn about the Business of Food e-learning platform and to register, please visit or e-mail